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  • All the boxes on the docks are there in an effort to hide modern-day Toronto.
  • Megan and Schuyler's relationship off-screen was reflected on-screen.
  • The shots on the road to Green Gables were shot at the same place at which Road to Avonlea was filmed.
  • The scene when Anne gets out of the car to run to Green Gables was shot in the autumn and the art crew had to spray-paint the leaves with an organic spray to make them appear green.
  • Megan does not run through the fields on the way to Green Gables; that's a double!
  • The Green Gables house was decimated one morning for filming, then was cleaned up and painted to shoot later scenes of the movie.
  • Anne's reaction to seeing Green Gables in shambles is quite genuine, for Megan herself had not seen the house since she worked on the last film twelve years earlier. Indeed, she had to be reminded that the house would look fine again by the end of the day.
  • The scene at the beach, when we first see Gilbert, was shot on Lake Ontario. Since the sand there is not red, the art crew had to spray the cliffs with organic red spray paint and put crushed brick down on the ground.
  • Megan Follows was offered a stunt double for her fall in the sand, but she said, "Oh, no, I can do a prat-fall quite well on my own, thank you." And, although they filmed a couple of takes, they stuck with the first one.
  • Jonathan Crombie would often bring treats (candy, popcorn, etc) for his fellow workers.
  • The scene before Anne enters Winfield Publishing house was shot in Montreal.
  • The hosptial scenes were shot at the Whitby Sanatarium. The surgery room was an old observation room in which surgeries actually once took place. You can see the outside of the Whitby Sanortarium when Gilbert goes to help Dr. Stuart at the convelesense home. Incentally, the Sanotarium was originally built for veterans coming home from World War I.
  • The scene when Jack threatens to jump from the balcony was shot in Toronto just before Christmas, so Cameron Daddo sure must have been cold in his bare feet. (Note Megan's breath.)
  • Pictures of The Great Gatsby inspired the garden scene at Kit Garrison's house.
  • The scene on the street when Anne blows up at Jack was shot on two locations: the close-ups in Toronto and the wide shots in Montreal, both about 6 weeks apart!
  • Jonathan Crombie struggled a bit with the scene where Fred tells him he's going off to join the war effort. Jonathan was not sure how to play the scene and the director told him to "just be his friend."
  • For the scene when Anne falls on the stairs in her wedding gown, the director offered her a pillow to land on, but she declined.
  • Originally, Sullivan planned (and shot) a wedding night scene, which you can see on the DVD extras.
  • The winter scenes were shot in the summer. That means the snow is fake and the actors are hot. :)
  • The scene in the trench was shot in late November, so it was cold. Thus, we see Anne trembling quite a bit. You'll notice, however, that Jack and Colette aren't shaking as much. That's because their was a heater behind them to keep the baby warm.
  • The part of the trench scene when Anne goes up to get the horse is based on a true-life story of people who tried to get a horse they saw and wound up in a mine field.
  • The extra who played the man whose legs had been amputated (the scene is right before Anne boards the ship for London), is an actual Vietnam War veteran.
  • Since the movie was shot over three months, about four sets of twin babies were used to play Dominic.
  • For the street scene before Mr. Keegan pays Anne a visit, leaves and kitty litter were thrown on the ground to cover the yellow lines in the street, and boxes were piled on the sidewalk to hide the parking meters.
  • Although Greg Spottiswood loves kids, every time a child was put in his arms, the baby started crying.
  • The scene where Elsie talks about "the boys" was taken from a diary of a woman who was a travelling entertainer during the war.
  • Much of the escape scene (with Anne and Elsie) was ad-libbed.
  • The scene toward the end of the movie when Anne, Gilbert, Jack, and his associate get ready to board the train home was the first scene shot.


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