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Script: Part 1

SCENE: Prince Edward Island seaport, summer 1915

DIANA: Oh, Anne! Oh, hello! Oh, my gosh. Oh, look at you. Oh, you havenít changed a bit.

ANNE: Neither have you. Oh, Iíve been aching to see you!

DIANA: I know.

ANNE: [to Alan] Oh, no. Thank you for your help. Alan? Seems like a hundred years since you sat behind us in school pulling our pigtails.

DIANAíS DRIVER: Oh gosh, Anne. Donít remind me.

ANNE: [to Diana] Why is Alan? Well, why?

DIANA: Heís well paid, Anne. I insisted Fred hire a driver, because we have so many guests coming and going.

ANNE: Spend your money on your family, Diana, not on me.

DIANA: Youíre family, Anne. Besides, I have to spend the inheritance Aunt Jo left me somehow.

ANNE: [to Alan] Thank you.

DIANAíS DRIVER: Youíre welcome.

ANNE: Itís strange seeing so many young men in uniform. Look. Thatís Charlie Sloan and Will Bell. Itís like theyíre running off to a Sunday school picnic.

DIANA: In six months this nonsense in Europe will be over and we wonít hear another blessed word about war. Anne, weíre going to have a fabulous holiday together.

ANNE: Just like old times.


SCENE: Avonlea road

ANNE: Smell the air, Diana. You wonít find that sweet smell in Halifax.

DIANA: In your letters you sounded so happy about teaching in the Hopeton Orphanage. It must have broken your heart to say goodbye to all your students after five years.

ANNE: Letís go by Green Gables, Diana. Iíve not been back since Marilla died.

DIANA: Imagine! Sheep on the main street! The man has sense at all.

ANNE: Stop it Diana; Iím dying to walk anyway.

DIANA: No, Anne!

ANNE: [to Alan] You know Anne, Alan. Sheís so ridiculously impulsive. Pull the car around to Green Gables farm, Alan. Sheíll just be a moment.

DIANAíS DRIVER: Yes, maíam.

DIANA: Anne! Anne! Wait! Wait!

SCENE: Green Gables

DIANA: Anne, Anne! Wait, wait, wait! I broke my heel. I should have warned you. Mr. Harrisonís really let the place run down. He rented it out.

ANNE: Marilla and Matthew would be heartbroken at this site.

BOY: Hey move it! B2: Watch out!

GIRL: Get out of the way!

WOMAN: Get back in here, now! [to Anne and Diana] You two want something?

ANNE: I was raised in this house. It was a beautiful home once.

WOMAN: This dump?

ANNE: Youíve no respect for the lives that have been lived here.

WOMAN: Do us both a favor and scat.

DIANA: [restraining Anne] Anne, Anne. Let it go. Thereís nothing you could have done.

ANNE: Mr. Harrisonís going to get a tongue lashing from me when I see him next. Those were Marillaís June lilies. They were beautiful once. [Anne and Diana get chased by a dog] Give me your shoe! Give me your shoe!

DIANA: What?

ANNE: [Anne takes Dianaís shoe and hurls it at the dog] Fetch!

DIANA: My gosh, Anne, that worked. That was my favorite pair of shoes.

ANNE: I should have bought this place myself after Marilla died. I should have taken every penny I earned from my book and from my magazine articles and made this place mine.

DIANA: Oh, Anne, donít try and rewrite the past. Now, I want you to forget your troubles. Youíll be very comfortable living with us. Aunt Josephineís money has left me without a care in the world.

SCENE: The Wright house

DIANA: Fredís the youngest manager in the history of the bank. Isnít that right, darling?

FRED: Mm-hmm.

DIANA: Why, the inheritance hasnít hurt his career either, to be sure.

FRED: If you call doing nothing a career.

DIANA: You manage our business affairs brilliantly, darling.

FRED: No, I just mind my own business.

DIANA: Fredís so modest. Heís turned out to be a wonderful father and a good husband, Anne. Sarah!

DIANAíS MAID: Yes, maíam?

DIANA: Please take the children upstairs now. Come give mommy a kiss goodnight.

FRED JR: Goodnight, Mom.

ANNE: Goodnight.

DIANA: Goodnight, sweetheart.

DIANAíS MAID: Come along, then.

DIANA: They do so prefer their father.

ANNE: Itís such a delicious evening. Letís have our tea in the garden.

DIANA: This house is so conducive to writing. If you stay for the summer, just think what fabulous ideas youíd compose.

ANNE: Thatís a big if. Diana, I donít feel right intruding on your family. Whatís the matter?

DIANA: We have everything, but he doesnít even kiss me goodnight anymore.

ANNE: Iím sorry. Well, havenít you tried speaking about it?

DIANA: [shakes her head no] Fred was never a big conversationalist, even when we first got married. Itís a different kind of silence now, though. Heís so preoccupied with the war. Thatís the thing about staying engage

DIANA: you and Gil never change.

ANNE: Thatís probably because we never see each other.

DIANA: If you put off your wedding any longer, youíre going to be an old maid, Anne.

ANNE: Actually, when Gil finishes his term at Bellevue Hospital in August--

DIANA: August? How dare you deny me the pleasure of planning your wedding!

ANNE: Let me finish. I didnít say weíre getting married in August. Weíre going to choose a date.

DIANA: Oh, Anne, donít be coy! Oh. You can move back right away. Anne, life is going to be just the way it was when we were girls. Sarah!

ANNE: Wait. Shouldnít we consultÖ Gilbert?

DIANA: [ignoring her] Sarah! Anne and Gil Blythe are getting married! And itís not going to be some shoddy affair.

ANNE: Diana--

DIANA: Iíll help, and Fred will help too. Oh, oh! Please, let him. Itíll be a project for the three of us.

ANNE: Just one thing at a time. We need to slow down and consult Gilbert too.

DIANA: No, you let me talk to Gil. We can start by sending him a telegram.

ANNE: No, I--

SCENE: Beach

ANNE: [to herself] Oh, how Iíve missed you all summer, Gil. With perfect memories of days passed.

DIANA: [to Alan, in car] Thatíll be fine.

GILBERT: [seeing Anne on beach] There.

ANNE: [writing] And memory of perfect summer days of old. Our past, our friends-- [she stops, seeing Gil, she squeals, runs to him, and trips in the sand, falling down; she laughs]

GILBERT: Are you alright? Nothingís broken or bent, I hope.

ANNE: [laughing] Only my pride. Oh, Gil, help me up. Iím truly blind and a fool to boot. Oh, if I were blind, I should never forget the contours of your face. Why didnít you let me know.

GILBERT: I wanted to see you face to face. I have something to ask you.

ANNE: I do! [she kisses him]

GILBERT: Letís go take a walk down the lane.

SCENE: Loverís Lane

ANNE: If Diana has her way, weíll be married by the end of the week.

GILBERT: Weíve been engaged so long, I figure people around here think we got married years ago.

ANNE: Yeah. What were you going to ask me?

GILBERT: I have a decision to make. It may turn our plans upside-down.

ANNE: What?

GILBERT: Bellevue Hospital has asked me to remain on staff for the year.

ANNE: [walking away] But we agreed.

GILBERT: Yeah, Anne, I realize that. But this is a remarkable opportunity. I know youíve resisted coming to New York in the past.

ANNE: Youíre asking me to go with you?

GILBERT: I couldnít bear another year without you.

ANNE: I want to be with you too, Gil.

GILBERT: Then come with me, right now. And weíll go immediately.

ANNE: I--. I couldnít be happy living anywhere else but here. This is where I want to be. So many memories locked up here. I canít leave it. [looking at Green Gables] I wish I could have done something. This place is in both our souls, Gil. I wish we could grow old together here.

GILBERT: Come on, weíve still got a few years ahead of us.

ANNE: Iíll go.


ANNE: To New York, Iíll go. Just to see if I like it first. But promise weíll come back to raise our family.

GILBERT: I promise.

ANNE: New York is an exciting place for a writer.

GILBERT: All the best publishing houses in the world are there. Are you sure?

ANNE: Iím only sure of one thing: that Iím scandalously in love with you. [they kiss]

GILBERT: Come on, we better tell Diana and Fred before they start sending off all the invitations.

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