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Script: Part 3

SCENE: Prince Edward Island seaport

GILBERT: Anne, thereís Diana. Iím just going to grab a paper.

ANNE: Diana!

RED CROSS WOMAN 1: Two hundred men just signed up today. Where were you?

GILBERT: I just stepped off the ferry. [she puts a white feather in his button hole]

RED CROSS WOMAN 1: You can step right back on it and defend your country if youíre worth your salt.

GILBERT: Fred. Good to see you.

FRED: I see you were accosted, too. [he takes Gilbertís white feather] Sign of the coward. Those dames are trying to incite fellas to enlist.

GILBERT: Where are they taking them?

FRED: The old quarantine hospital up the coast has been converted into a convalescence home for boys lucky enough to be sent back.

GILBERT: I should drive up, see if they need a hand.

DIANA: Youíre not going anywhere, Gilbert Blythe. You and your bride and I have business to discuss.

FRED: Best to choose your battles with these new-fangled businesswomen, Gil.

SCENE: Green Gables

DIANA: Well, will you look at that. Mr Harrisonís gone and sold the place.

ANNE: Please go.

DIANA: Arenít you the least bit curious?

ANNE: No, and it is cruel of you to go on and on about it. What are you smiling at?

DIANA: You, you silly goose!

ANNE: Why?

DIANA: Gilbertís gone and bought the place for you.

GILBERT: With a little help from Fred and Ben.

ANNE: That is just the most generous thing anyone has ever done for me. It makes up for every unfulfilled dream I ever contemplated. [runs up to the house] Let me go in alone, just for a moment. [she reminisces of old times with Marilla and Matthew]

DIANA: Is everything all right?

ANNE: Iím home now. This is my house.

DIANA: Weíll be back for you in a couple of hours.

ANNE: Diana said I can stay with them until the wedding. And that way you can live here; you wonít have to board in town.

GILBERT: Oh, I get to do all the work, I see.

ANNE: I didnít mean it like that. We did the right thing, didnít we?

GILBERT: Sure we did.

ANNE: What is it?

GILBERT: Nothing. I was just thinking about Dr. Powell. My leaving was an awful setback to him. We did the right thing.

ANNE: Well, we canít always take the most obvious road in life.

SCENE: Carmody

SPEAKER: Our gains have been substantial, ladies and gentlemen. For every one hundred men who stood beside our king of Flanders, over two hundred enemy have fallen. And if this trend continues, victory must soon be ours.



MOODY SPURGEON: Good to see you.


JOSIE PYE: We heard you were setting up an office at Green Gables.


GILBERT: But so far no one has showed up for so much as a toothache.

JOSIE PYE: Well, there are more crucial events abroad that need safekeeping more than Green Gables.

GILBERT: I know that, Josie.

ANNE: Moody. Josie. How lovely.


ANNE: Itís nice to have a few people our age who have stayed in Avonlea.

MOODY SPURGEON: Yes, everybody seems to have left. Look at it here. Carmody here has become such a big booming city, now. But itís good to see youíre staying.

JOSIE PYE: Well, congratulations are in order. I hear Diana Barry is having the reception.

ANNE: Yes, I hope youíll honor us with your presence.

JOSIE PYE: Will you be getting married in uniform, Gil?

ANNE: Gilís setting up to serve the community here. And the papers say the war is going to be over in a few weeks.

JOSIE PYE: Well, I suppose itís not your fault if the American papers never report things accurately. Itís nothing less than a disaster. My three brothers have left. I mean, even país gone as a civilian.

GILBERT: All able-bodied men feel a responsibility to protect our empire.

ANNE: Able-bodied men are needed at home, too. Look at Dr. Stuart running the convalescence home for casualties. Gilís volunteering there.

JOSIE PYE: Dr. Stuartís near retirement. No one in this town will be seen by a doctor not prepared to serve his country.

ANNE: Josie. Moody. [they leave] Well, I can see her tongue has grown by a yard since weíve been away. That was practically a threat.

GILBERT: Sheís always been jealous of you and me.

ANNE: For heavenís sake. The only men who can help left are the Dr. Stuarts. This island will need all the help it can muster.

GILBERT: I should pay Dr. Stuart a visit.

SCENE: Convalescence home

GILBERT: Whoa. I want to see how I much assistance I can be here. I wonít be long.

ANNE: I have lots to keep my busy. Gil, do you think itís as bad as they say overseas?

GILBERT: Iím worried a war of this size isnít going to be over in weeks or months.

ANNE: Whatís at the other end canít be glorious at all.

GILBERT: Iíll do everything I canÖ for now.

DR. STUART: Weíd be grateful for even a few hours of your time each week.

GILBERT: My practice isnít very busy yet.

DR. STUART: Morning, Jim. Good lad.

GILBERT: Jim. Your brother Harry used to play hockey with me on the Avonlea Avengers. I lost track of himÖ

DR. STUART: Uh, Dr. Blythe, I donít think Harry made it. Three weeks on a ship coming home with no care whatsoever. This oneís lucky to be alive, if the gangrene doesnít get him. Now, letís get a look at those dressings.

GILBERT: Thereís shrapnel in there that wonít let it heal. We could operate right away if you have anything to knock him out with.

DR. STUART: [calling to a nurse] May, letís take Jim inside. Thereís not much morphine. Any supplies that you can track down would be appreciated. They donít even patch them up before they ship them home.

GILBERT: Theyíd have a better chance if someone took the time on the battlefield.


SCENE: Wright house

DIANA: Oh, thereís a ballroom in white satin.

ANNE: Well, actually, we had something a little different in mind.

DIANA: Why, itís perfect. Well, what if we set up a beautiful white silk tent in the garden for the reception?

ANNE: We were thinking a simple ceremony on the lawn or in the orchard at Green Gables.

DIANA: Anne, thereís so much more room here for all the guests.

MRS. BARRY: Diana, thereís nothing wrong with a quiet home ceremony. It was just good enough for you and Fred before you started putting on airs.

DIANA: I do not put on airs, Mother.

MRS. BARRY: Yes, you do.

DIANA: Ah, Fred, youíre finally home. Dinner wouldnít keep. I let Agnes leave.

FRED: Diana, may I speak with you for a moment?

DIANA: Iím in the middle of planning.

FRED: It canít wait. We need to speak privately.

SCENE: Wright porch

DIANA: What is so blessed important that you could be so rude?

FRED: The money market has been in shambles these past few months because of the war, and the bankís having to consolidate. They decided to close my branch today.

DIANA: Well, Iím sure theyíll transfer you somewhere nearby.

FRED: Iím not taking another position.

DIANA: Weíre well off. Perhaps you wonít even have to return to work. Now, Anne, Gil. I want to compare lists to yours.

FRED: Iím not going back to work, Diana. Iím enlisting.

DIANA: Your family comes before your country.

SCENE: Green Gables

GILBERT: Fred. What the devil are you doing here so early in the morning?

FRED: We need to speak. Can you give me a lift in before Anne comes over? I worked out a budget to manage the monthly expenses. All our investments are secure.

GILBERT: Fred, I donít think Diana is going to react the way you imagine. Canít you at least tell her-

FRED: Gil, Diana canít face the reality of being of service to oneís country. This has been going on for months.

GILBERT: I understand. I really do. Okay.

SCENE: Carmody

FRED: Give Diana and the kids a kiss for me. Tell them Iíll be back in a month, once weíve cleaned up kaiserís clock, aye.

GILBERT: Godspeed.

FRED: Thanks.

MAN 1: Hey, back of the line. Weíre the first to sign up today.

RED CROSS WOMAN 1: This is for those of you who lag behind. You donít want youíre kids asking you, "So, what did you do in the war, Daddy?"

MAN 2: Are you a pacifist or are you just jellow?

MAN 3: You can recruit a man, not a jellyfish.

SCENE: Wright house

DIANA: Anne, whatís taking so darn long?

ANNE: Donít get your knickers in a knot.

DIANA: Oh, Anne, youíre ravishing.

MRS. BARRY: Who ever would have thought store-bought dress would satisfy, Diana? But you were right. Oh, Dianaís veil looks perfect for something borrowed. Howís the dress for length? I might have to take it up a little, but itís a perfect fit otherwise. [Gilbert knocks at the door]

DIANA: Gilbert Blythe what are you doing?

MRS. BARRY: It is very bad luck to see your prospective bride in her wedding dress.

ANNE: Gil, just wait on the porch, and Iíll change.

MRS. BARRY: Into the kitchen, then.

GILBERT: I just dropped Fred off.

SCENE: Wright kitchen

MRS. BARRY: Heís spoiled it, thatís all thatís to it. Weíre going to have to change the entire design of the dress to disguise it.

ANNE: Dear, Mrs. Barry, Iíve weathered lots of bad luck in my day.

SCENE: Wright porch

DIANA: I have to stop him!

GILBERT: Come on, Diana, heíll be on the ferry to mainland by now.

DIANA: What possessed you to help him?

GILBERT: Iím not condoning my involvement. Diana! Diana! He needed somebody to see him off. He couldnít confront you for fear that you wouldnít understand his reasons. He told me to say goodbye to you and the kids. The past year in New York, this war was just a headline in the paper. Here, itís our duty.

DIANA: Youíre getting married in a week, but whatís the point if youíre just going to desert your family?

MRS. BARRY: Anne, are you going back home already?

SCENE: Green Gables

GILBERT: Anne? Anne? You donít need to do this now. We need to talk. Anne, please. I have to do this. [a fire starts] Help me move this! Anne, I got it. Call for help.

ANNE: Emily. Emily, Green Gables is on fire. Send the blessed fire wagon!

GILBERT: Anne, Anne, you canít handle it.

ANNE: No, no.

SCENE: Outside Green Gables

GILBERT: I guess Providence was looking out for the old place. Weíre grateful, fellas. Old Jerry says that he can replace the windows, do the repairs right away. We can finish restoring when I return. Marry me now. Let me go.

ANNE: Everything Iíve ever loved gets taken away.

SCENE: Church

REVEREND MORGAN: By the power invested in me, I declare you Officer and Mrs. Blythe.

SCENE: Reception

ANNE: Thank you. That was sweet of you. Thank you.

JOSIE PYE: Forgive me for what I said that day. Youíve done us all very proud, Gil.

ANNE: Thank you. Shall we be friends now?

REVEREND MORGAN: Your attention, please, ladies and gentlemen. A toast, to the happy couple, who are about to sacrifice some of the happiest days of their lives to defend God and the empire.

GUESTS: Hear, hear.

REVEREND MORGAN: To the happy couple.

DIANA: Well, somebodyís got to avert the gloom of Reverend Morgan. Letís get the bride and groom dancing.

GILBERT: Diana, weíve waited five years for this. Donít rush.

REVEREND MORGAN: Yes, and another toast to Officer Blythe and all the God-fearing men who are off to destroy the Hun. Oh, sorry. Donít step on my notes, theyíre part of my sermon. Oh, dear. Oh, my. [he knocks the tent over] Oh! Iím sorry. Iíve ruined the tentÖ

SCENE: Carmody railroad station

ANNE: Goodbye. Goodbye.

SCENE: Green Gables, January 1918

GINNY ANDREWS: The postman dropped this notice off, Miss Shirley. Thereís a registered package for you at the Charlottetown post office.


GINNY ANDREWS: Do you make lots of money writing magazine articles?

ANNE: No, not a lot, but with tutoring, itís enough to get by. Ginny, you have five weeks before the exams for Redmond.

GINNY ANDREWS: Iím terrified to the point of dyspepsia.

ANNE: Promise me youíll brush up over the holidays. I havenít had a student of mine pass with less than flying colors yet.

GINNY ANDREWS: Wonít you be there, Miss Shirley?

ANNE: You donít need me to hold your hand, Ginny. Your Latin and Greek may be at the mercy of Providence, but you shall excel in all the other arts. That, I have every faith in.

SCENE: Charlottetown post office

ANNE: Hello. You have something for me. Thank you.

RACHEL LYNDE: Oh, as I live and breathe! The world thinks youíre hibernating at the bottom of a well, Anne, dear. I havenít seen you all winter.

ANNE: Rachel.

RACHEL LYNDE: Have you heard the news?


RACHEL LYNDE: Davy Keithís signed up.

ANNE: Has he?

RACHEL LYNDE: Trust that bright little devil to come home driving the tank. But thatís not the worst, or the latest. The Wrightís got word.


RACHEL LYNDE: Fredís gone missing at Vimy Ridge.

ANNE: Oh, my God.

RACHEL LYNDE: They think they found six other boys from Carmody, to

MR. OWEN: Charlie Sloan, Moody Spurgeon. Apparently, several of their tags got sent to government house into Charlottetown. As it happens, Fredís wasnít among them. Heís been listed, just the same.

ANNE: Oh, Iíll call on Diana.

SCENE: Church

REVEREND MORGAN: To the most faithful, to our glorious dea

DIANA: Charles Sloan, Wilfred Bell, Moody Spurgeon. And to those missing in action: Fred Wright, and Alistair Covey. May their weary souls rest in God should Providence call them, too. Would you all please turn with me to hymn number 550, Abide with me, Fast falls the eventide.

DIANA: Anne? Anne.

ANNE: I canít. I canít sit in there and listen helplessly. [they hug] Come here.

DIANA: What do you hear from Gil?

ANNE: All of his letters were sent back. Iím afraid somethingís happened. I need to know what.

DIANA: What can you possibly do?

ANNE: Go to the last field hospital I have record of. Search from there.

DIANA: Through all of France? They wonít let civilians to the front.

ANNE: I wonít stay here and wait for my husbandís funeral.


ANNE: I have to go.

DIANA: You can do what the rest of us only dream of doing, Anne.

ANNE: Will you be all right?

DIANA: Weíre moving in with mum next week.

ANNE: The houseís sold then?

DIANA: Itís all right. We were never happy there anyway.

ANNE: Come and live at Green Gables until I come back. Iíd feel better knowing you were there.

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